Hop house 13 lager the most refreshing Guinness experience

Discover our Hop House Guinness, an Irish beer without equal that you will enjoy in the center of Barcelona. Know your curiosities!
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Guinness beers are the star brand of any Irish pub you can find in Barcelona. However, there are many more varieties of beer than ordinary people think, in part due to the constant reinvention of brewmasters in search of new flavors. One of these craft beers par excellence is the Hop House 13 lager, a smooth blonde beer that stands out for its citrus tones on the palate with a taste that mixes the best of Australian and American hops. A refreshing experience for all the senses!

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What are lager beers?

It is a type of light low-fermentation beer with a smooth and refreshing flavor. You can usually recognize this type of beer by its amber or black color. Some of the best known varieties are: Pilsner, Dortmunder, Bock, Munich or dark Lager.
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You can find more information about the types of beers in our article: https://templebarbcn.com/cervezas-con -a-different-touch/

A bit about the origins of Hop House 13 lager beer

Did you know? The name of this variety of Irish beer refers to the real street of the warehouse where it was born, near St. James’s Gate in Dublin (Ireland).
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After experimenting with various combinations of flavors… The Guinness brewmasters managed to create a new kind of beer using different types of American and Australian hops along with malted barley.
The result is a unique beer in its essence that is made up of more ingredients than conventional Guinness beers. A beer capable of exciting the senses from the first sip thanks to its fresh, smooth flavor and character.

The beers of Temple bar irish pub Barcelona

hop house 13 guinness
Like the typical Irish pubs in Ireland, our pub’s drinks menu includes a selection of the most recognized Guinness brand beers.
Do not miss the opportunity and try our Hop House 13. A refreshing experience that you will love from start to finish, while you have fun in the best sports bar in the center of Barcelona with sports of all kinds.
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