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The Champions League is played in Temple Bar

We start a new Champions League season in Temple bar! In a week you will be able to enjoy the comfort of our Irish sports bar again and live the action of football matches live from our multiscreen televisions. Do you want to be aware of the football days? In our sports calendar you can find all the information about the sporting events that we will broadcast in Temple bar in Barcelona. A complete sports agenda that you can consult and download whenever you need! REDISCOVER OUR […]

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The best games and sports to watch live in Barcelona

Hello everyone again from Temple Bar! Spring is approaching to Barcelona and with it comes the premiere of a new wave of exciting football, rugby, basketball and tennis matches. New sports seasons to follow during this year 2020, to see live in our Sports bar with a charming local and international fans. It is for this reason that today we put at your disposal, an updated sports calendar of what we will broadcast in our Irish sport bar Temple Bar, […]