February 23, 2023

What did you know about beer? [QUIZ]

Test your knowledge about beer with this fun quiz - will you be able to get them all right?
January 9, 2023

The best Guinness beer in Barcelona

Discover 5 interesting curiosities about the Guinness BEERS. The best irish pints that you will find in TEMPLE BAR.
September 14, 2022

5 surprising curiosities about Stella Artois beer

Do you know our Stella Artois? Have you ever tried it? Today you will discover an interesting analysis of the brand and its amazing history.
August 18, 2022

5 surprising curiosities about Paulaner beer

The German beer Paulaner is one of the most prestigious beers in Munich. Quite an Oktoberfest queen that you should know.
August 3, 2022

Discover our Grimbergen beer

We incorporate a new beer in our drinks menu! Find out all about our recent Belgian Grimbergen beer
June 3, 2022

Hop house 13 lager the most refreshing Guinness experience

Discover our Hop House Guinness, an Irish beer without equal that you will enjoy in the center of Barcelona. Know your curiosities!
March 6, 2020

The best types of Irish beers

Welcome back everyone to our blog! In today’s article we will introduce you to the different varieties of beers, which you will find in our Irish […]