Live a New Year’s Eve movie Party

This end of the year travel to the 90s and 2000s! Go back in time and relive its magic in our Irish pub in Barcelona.
Fiesta fin de año temple bar Barcelona

Are you ready to celebrate a different end of the year? A few days before the year 2021 passes into the new year 2022, we have prepared a special event in the heart of Barcelona.

For this end of the year …

Travel back to the 90s and 2000s! Go back in time and relive its magic with us in our Irish pub in Barcelona.

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On October 19 we celebrated our 20th anniversary in Barcelona and on the night of December 31 we will celebrate it again together with all of you who visit us year after year with the rhythm and cosmopolitan spirit that characterizes us.

And of course, we will not lack….

Tapas, hamburgers and quality Guinness to warm up the night to the rhythm of the music, the bells and above all the authenticity of the atmosphere inspired by the traditional Irish taverns in the heart of the same Temple bar in Dublin.

Enjoy the Irish atmosphere

Listen, sing or dance to the music of great artists who marked a milestone during the decades of the 90-2000 as Nirvana, Madonna, Green day, Linkin park...

To celebrate in style

we offer you the best varieties of craft beers along with a drinks menu that includes a complete selection of cider, whiskey, rum, shots and cocktails.

20º celebration temple bar
celebration in temple bar barcelona anniversary
Strongbow cider menu irish pub
Tapas bar de deportes irlandés
chupitos temple bar carta irish pub
irish pub with live music
clientes temple bar barcelona fin de año

At our party … only you are missing

Have fun with us to say goodbye to the year 2021, recall all your memories of the 90-2000 decade and toast in style to welcome the next year 2022.

We are waiting for you!

How do you celebrate an Irish Christmas?

The Irish men and women are very superstitious people, who tend to say goodbye to the year in some curious ways that we are not used to seeing. The arrival of the new Irish year is the equivalent of starting a new cycle and for this reason the inhabitants of many cities in Ireland start the year with a comprehensive cleansing of body, soul and home.

Fiesta fin de año y navidad irlanda

Although they are a very family-focused culture, many people celebrate the new year in popular Irish pubs with their friends and neighbors.

In fact, in some neighbourhoods, such as the emblematic Temple bar, the doors are open to tourists to experience a farewell New Year’s Eve party.

Have you ever heard?

  • December 24 is a fasting day and you only eat at night.
  • After the arrival of the new year, the first person who should walk out the door should be a young boy to attract good luck
  • Some superstitious parents buy Christmas bread and hit the walls of their home with it to ward off misfortune and hope that the family never lacks bread.
  • Christmas dinners are usually abundant to attract prosperity to each of its members, be it in the form of luck or in kilos.
  • There is a popular legend for children entitled “Robin’s Fire”, a Christmas story dedicated to birds and their contribution to the birth of baby Jesus.

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