The Qatar World Cup arrives at Temple Bar

Come watch and ENJOY the best matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup from the big screens of TEMPLE BAR in Barcelona.
Come and see the World Cup Qatar 2022 at temple bar

Next Sunday, November 20, the new edition of the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins, a special occasion, where the best teams will compete to win. A special event that no football lover should miss.

fifa cup qatar official flag
¿Quieres ver los partidos en directo? ¡Claro que sí!

To commemorate and learn more about the matches, we have prepared a small article where you will discover curiosities, stories and anecdotes about Qatar. But if you want to get straight to the point, don’t miss any game at Temple bar.

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Where is Qatar located?

Qatar is one of the cities in western Asia that is located on a peninsula in the vicinity of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. One of the countries best known by various world powers and with a good international presence.

Doha city Qatar

It was thanks to the English that from 1940 football became known among its inhabitants, culminating in a historic match against Bahrain.

Today, after almost 12 years waiting and a few days before the start of the World Cup, he has become one of the organizers of Fifa that will fully host the matches of the day in its 8 stadiums.

What is different about this edition of the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Soccer World Cups are usually organized during the summer months, but in this edition the competition will take place in November and December. It is also the third time that an international tournament has been held in an Asian country.

Qatar 2022 football ball

As a curiosity, the official World Cup ball is decorated with the country’s flag and its most important cultural icons. It has been known by the name of Al Rihla which means “the journey”.

What is the biggest stadium?

Al Gharafa Stadium is the largest sports venue in the city, located in one of the most luxurious districts of the city, with a total capacity to hold more than 44 million people.

Al Gharafa stadium football stadium

A colossal construction where the Qatar World Cup soccer teams will compete for the title of champion for 27 days.

Qatar national football team

Since 1970 it has been the official team of Qatar with important appearances in international events such as the Asian Cup. The team achieved a highly recognized track record for its brilliant comebacks in official tournaments, as well as the quality of its youth teams.

Qatar football team
felix sanchez bas football coach

The Spanish Félix Sánchez Bas is the current coach of the team and one of the most outstanding players in the Asian league for his brilliant skills.

What can be found in the country?

Doha es la ciudad más importante de Catar y alberga un patrimonio cultural y natural bastante importante. Bañada por las orillas del golfo pérsico y la profundidad de sus enigmaticos callejones se pueden encontrar sitios curiosos como:

Falcon Souq

A space where you can witness camel races. One of the most original in all of Asia.

Doha bay

Where boat trips become much more than an experience, traditionally before the arrival of oil, it was a city that was dedicated to the pearl trade.

Islamic art museum

Here is the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, a journey through more than ten thousand years of history

The Pearl Qatar

An artificial island in the sea with an ultra-luxurious complex with stunning views from the air. A large clam on the shore pays homage to the town's traditional fishing past.

What awaits you at Temple Bar...


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