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uefa soccer super cup matches.

Ready for strong emotions? This Wednesday the final of the UEFA Super Cup will take place, a fast-paced match where Real Madrid will face Frankfurt Eintracht to decide the absolute European champion.

On this occasion, our irish pub is preparing to live the excitement of the match, updating a complete sports program for all the fans of Barcelona that you can access directly from the menu.

Irish pub football matches Barcelona

Come with your friends and toast the champion with a pint of quality Guinness!

And now…If you want to know more

It is time to broaden our football knowledge and especially teach newbie fans, we have prepared a small article dedicated to the Super Cup and its most outstanding curiosities so that when we have to talk about football, we know for sure what we are talking about.


What is the Super Cup?

It is a UEFA event that brings together the two champion teams of the European league and the Champions League to decide the best European team.

It is an event that since 1973 has been held annually with the aim of offering a winners match or rather a battle between champions.

Did you know? Well there’s still more

Only European clubs can participate in this match and it is a tournament that arose from the idea of ​​a Dutch journalist named Anton Witkampf, who worked in a newspaper known as De Telegraaf, in the sports section.

de telegraaf sports newspaper

At a time when Ajax was competing as the absolute champion, the astute journalist and editorial team proposed to UEFA to organize the competition and find the absolute winner who could go head to head with Ajax.

Are the champions of the Europa League or the Champions League better?

Statistics don’t lie! The winner of the Champions League was victorious in the Super Cup in 23 of the 42 editions, compared to the seven that the UEFA Cup champion did.

According to official UEFA statistics, the teams that have won the cup the most times have been Futbol Club Barcelona and Milan with 5 titles each.

Real Madrid and Liverpool were also prominent competitors, winning up to a total of 4 times.

What is special about the trophy?

The Super Cup is a trophy that over the years has varied in size and composition, since 1972 it has been awarded to the winner of the final match.

Currently, the cup before the magnitude of the event measures 58 centimeters and weighs approximately 12 kilos, a trophy that without a doubt is up to the absolute champion.

Interestingly, the winning team can request a smaller replica to grace their shelves.

UEFA Super Cup Europe Trophy

Interestingly, the winning team can request a smaller replica to grace their shelves.

Who are the best players?

The Italian Carlo Ancelotti paved the way for champions as a player and coach of the European Super Cup, followed later by Pep Guardiola (1992; 2009, 2011 and 2013), Diego Simeone (1999 and 2012), Luis Enrique (1997 and 2015) and Zinedine Zidane (1996 and 2002; 2016 and 2017). Ancelotti and Guardiola are the coaches with the most titles, with three each.

uefa soccer super cup

And up to here our article dedicated to the UEFA Super Cup, now we only have to wait a few hours to enjoy the match between Real Madrid and Frankfurt Eintracht.

This Wednesday our sports bar will be red hot! If you want to see the UEFA game in a different way with the best sports fans, your place is Temple Bar.


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