What did you know about beer? [QUIZ]

Test your knowledge about beer with this fun quiz - will you be able to get them all right?
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Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. In Spain, for example, every citizen consumes an average of 417 beers per year. Almost nothing. Ahead, even, of countries like Germany and Ireland.

That’s why we want to test your knowledge about beer with this little quiz. Will you get them all right?

Let’s check it out!


Table of Contents

1. From which cereal is beer brewed?

A. With gluten-free whole grain oats.

B. With hops.


C. With barley.


C. With barley

The barley grains are soaked and roasted in a process called malting. Depending on the roasting time, the color of the beer will change.
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2. What is the difference between beer and cider?

A. Beer is a beverage made from cereal and the cider with apple.

B. Cider is the non-alcoholic version of beer.

C. Cider is a milder type of beer originating in Ireland.

A. Beer is a beverage made from cereal and the cider with apple.

The cider elaboration is achieved with the fermentation of autumn apples. The type of apple used can vary according to the cider, and some use up to 50 different varieties.
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3. Who produced the first beers in history?

A. The monks of the Benedictine monastery of Weihenstephan, Germany.

B. Women of ancient Mesopotamia.

C. The brewmaster Arthur Guinness

B. Women of ancient Mesopotamia

Yes, women invented beer. They had the necessary skills to mix cereals and aromatic plants. In fact, even beer has its own female goddess, Ninkasi, to pay homage to.
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4. What object is inside a can of Guinness beer?

A. A small harp, Ireland's icon, which makes music with the movement.


B. There is nothing, it is a myth, there is only beer.

C. A hydrogen ball.

C. A hydrogen ball.

This little ball provides the necessary charge of hydrogen when you open a can, so that you have a beer with the same quality as in your bar.
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5. What are hops?

A. A plant whose flower is used to brew beer.


B. A gluten-free cereal that is used to brew beer.


C. It's the name of the type of glass in which beer is served.


A. A plant whose flower is used to brew beer.

It is a climbing plant native to China that needs a temperate climate and high humidity. Its flower is traditionally used to contrast the sweet taste of barley and to give a bitter touch to beer.
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And that’s it with our test. How many questions did you get right?

4-5. Congratulations! Beer is definitely your credo and you probably wish you could travel back in time to those times when people preferred to drink beer rather than water. We hear you. You’ll always have a space at Temple Bar to enjoy good beer.
2-3. You’ve done it right! You can probably recognize a good beer just by looking at it, and you enjoy sharing it with your friends.
0-1: Hey, you’ve tried and you’ve done your best. Of course, you owe us a visit to Temple Bar. You can try more than 10 different beers and other specialties.

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