Origin of Irish pubs

Discover all the HISTORY of IRISH PUBS with curious facts that you did not know. A trip back in time that you cannot miss.
History and origin of Irish pubs

Irish pubs, as we know them today, were born in the 90s at the hands of Mel McNally’s The Irish Pub Company, one of the most prestigious construction companies, began its implementation of the Irish essence throughout the world .

Now you will know his true story!

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Irish pub or public house

The oldest Irish pubs date from the 10th century, they were an adaptation of the well-known Inn houses in England whose main occupation was to meet the needs of workers and visitors so that they could have a recreational space to entertain themselves.

Unlike the pubs in England, in these Irish places craft beers and spirits from the region were also served, in fact, they were generally located near the warehouses of the local shops or also in the back rooms of the region to give access fast to the workers.

origin of irish pubs

According to the historical chronicles of Ireland, the first Irish pub to be opened and for which there is official documentation acknowledging the honor of being the oldest Irish pub is Sean’s Bar over 800 years old.

seans's bar irish pub

Proliferation of Irish pubs in the world

These clandestine meetings were held in inconspicuous places to avoid problems with the English authorities, as well as years later becoming the most important historical settings, where revolutionaries met to prepare their independence from the English government with the creation of the Irish Republic Army (IRA) and the army of the Republic of Ireland.

ireland national army

Due to the political instability, the internal wars and the famine of the population, there was a great immigration among the inhabitants of Ireland, who opened an Irish pub in each place where they could settle, a fact that was a contribution to the establishment of will popularize St Patrick’s Day in everyone.

Irish pubs today

It is common that nowadays when we talk about an Irish Pub, its association with the famous Irish beer Guinness comes to us unconsciously. This fact is mainly due to the business association between The Irish Pub Company with the Guinness brewery, which It was produced in the 1990s.

According to the company’s official figures, more than 7,000 stores have currently been opened around the world, following an aesthetic of traditional Irish wooden pubs and a menu focused on most popular irish beers.

temple bar irish pub ireland

From here, it is time for you to live your own experience at Temple Bar and enjoy the essence that a traditional Irish Pub can offer you in Barcelona. We are sure that you will delight in our specialties and drinks, you will have fun with our international atmosphere, and you will be excited with our live sports matches.


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